Finally Updating again!

Appologies for my lack of constant updates, work has been hectic and I have once again slipped into playing World of Warcraft in all my free time. This is an attempt to get back into keeping my weblog updated. Please […]


On Tuesday the 31st I was discharged from the glynwood hospital at 12h30 and from there went straight to Sunning hill hospital for an appointment with a doctor Gary Fetter. I have been scheduled to be admitted into hospital on […]


So last Thursday i awoke with high hopes in finally managing to complete my Multi Touch Table project. While pulling apart a web cam that i am converting to be the input device for my project my stomach stated bugging, […]

Permcath gone!

On Wednesday i was admitted into hospital to have my permanent catheter removed from my chest. A permcath is a tube that they run through your main artery into your hart in order to effectively dialyse you. This is one […]