In search for a Kidney!

Kidney Transplant Surgery - Diagram from IvyRose Holistic Health Website

The doctor has today stressed the urgency of my need for a transplant.

After almost 2 years of persistent questions and harassment from myself it took my mother to saying” Why have you not presented my son to the board” to get the ball rolling once again.

My Doctor has stated that a kidney transplant is urgent for me and i am to be bumped up to the priority kidney list and that we should once again search for donors.

Also the doc disclosed that only 20% of all dialysis patients live for more than 5 years on dialysis. This is not because of the machine itself but because of the fact that the machine is not actually a kidney and does not manage the same job as it does not clear the body of bad substances as well as the kidney.In the end the machine does not take out enough of the harmful substances, Primarily Phosphate (which causes itchiness dryness of skin loss of bone, muscle and nerve mass and early onset of osteoporosis), Potassium (which is lethal when above a certain range) and Calcium which causes calcification which blocks arteries and muscles essentially turning your body to stone. This brings us to the reason few people survive more than 5 years on dialysis, the increase of these substances in your body eventually causes heart attacks and strokes.

Truth be told i was not privy to all the above information before Wednesday so i did not take my diet as seriously as i should have and neglected taking my phosphate binders as i did not know they could cause such problems. Now i might have to be sent for a parathyroidectomy.

Like i said the ball is once again rolling and all my work up test are complete except for my dental report and my psych evaluation which will be done by the end of next week. Hopefully i will either have found a donor or get a kadaver kidney by the end of this year. I can not explain how much i am looking forward to a kidney trasplant and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Awesome!

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