On Tuesday the 31st I was discharged from the glynwood hospital at 12h30 and from there went straight to Sunning hill hospital for an appointment with a doctor Gary Fetter. I have been scheduled to be admitted into hospital on the 20th of April for a parathyroidectomy. This means that they want to remove my parathyroid, the parathyroids are four small glands that are situated above or around the thyroid they are responsible for producing PTH ( Para Thyroid Hormone) This is what regulates the amount of phosphate and Calcium there is in your body. Your PTH is supposed to be below about 65 mine is currently about 1520, this is not always cause for operation as High PTH could just mean lack of calcium although my Calcium is also extremely high. High Phosphate causes severe itchiness and premature osteoporosis, High calcium causes calcification essentially turning your bones and joints to stone. hopefully this will be the last operation i will require before my Kidney Transplant.

Which is hopefully soon!


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