So last Thursday i awoke with high hopes in finally managing to complete my Multi Touch Table project.

While pulling apart a web cam that i am converting to be the input device for my project my stomach stated bugging, after a short while of pain I started running to the toilet. After some excessive stubborness and visits to the toilet I finally decided to visit the GP.

The GP diagnosed me with a case of gastro and severe Dehydration although because of my current dialysis situation I can not be given simple re-hydrants and was admitted into hospital for a drip.

Unfortunately although I have a AV Fistula my blood pressure was extremely low and with that comes the possibility of rupturing the Fistula if needled. I was therefore admitted into high-care for an insertion of a temporary Quinton line (as shown above), this must have been the most depressing part of my visit to the hospital this time.


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