More Superhero movies!

Batman, spiderman coming soon

Being burnt by movies in general these days I am even more skeptical when it comes to super hero movies.

[image_frame style=”reflect” align=”left” height=”180″ width=”200″][/image_frame]A trend in movies these days seems to be that directors try to satisfy an instant gratification by putting incredibly awesome special effects and scenes into completely dull and uninspired story lines. This seems to be the case in 70% of all movies i have watched lately, I keep finding myself walking out of a cinema with mixed feelings, wanting to say that was a great movie, but feeling cheated by a watered down story and in the end the only thought that comes to mind is.”well that movie had brilliant special effects, but why did they add that scene? why was there a love story as a main story arc in this action movie? what was with that overacting?”what happened to well thought out movies like memento? artistic and forward thinking movies like blade runner? pure action movies like die hard? yes these all have aspects of love interests, and other story arcs i just mentioned, but the movies made no excuses for what they were. to have a love story arc is sometimes necessary, but to make a whole movie and change the essence of a story to reinforce the love arc is unnecessary and usually makes for a dull sometimes irritating movie. Granted if the movie is SUPPOSED to be a love story then by all means focus on that story arc as a main story arc.

This makes it even worse when we get to super hero movies, Of course I am a geek, but never really been in to actual comics, my experience with super heroes comes from the cartoons we watched as kids. For example, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, iron-man, the amazing spider man, fantastic 4, silver server, batman and of course x-men. Therefore when a super hero movie comes out it grasps my interests, weather for nostalgic reasons, or just because i really want to see them bring the worlds i loved as a kid to life! This is why when filmmakers completely bastardize these movies I feel even more cheated, Of course i know that even the cartoons i watched as a child were already adaptations of the original stories the creators of these cartoons kept the essence of what the stories were.[image_frame style=”reflect” align=”right” height=”250″ width=”180″][/image_frame]

Truth be told, movies are a form of escapism and as such they usually tend to succeed in that role as I do manage to lose myself in most movies even when they are a bit lacking, although i do often leave the movie wishing there was more.


Here is an example

The spider man cartoon followed Peter Parker as a student in high school and college, they did this so people could relate with his real life issues, he does have a love interest in Mary-jane (therefore the love story does exist) but throughout both the comic and cartoon this love interest is never a MAIN story line, it is always a source of pain and internal conflict for Peter Parker and shapes him even more in to the super hero he is. come the movies the love story is the focus of the movies and never mind the other irritating issues the movie presents the essence of who Peter Parker is and changes the whole outlook of spider-man accordingly.


OK well these are obviously completely opinionated views and maybe overly critical but these are reasons why i am apprehensive when it comes to big, hype-machine movies that I actually am looking forward to.

These two movies however look to be great!

The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on Friday the 13th of July 2012 , It has already been released in specific overseas regions.

This movie is another reboot, similar to the second hulk movie, It has been said that it is darker in terms of story line and more geared towards the original story than the other 3 Toby Maguire movies, the director here is Marc Webb I do not know him particularly but i hope he has been chosen for his epic skills as a director and not because of his name.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises comes out on Friday the 27th of July 2012

the first two movies in the dark night series were amazing and christopher nolan is a great director and brought them to life, it seems to be just the right mix of darkness internal struggle and action that makes a batman movie work so high hopes for this one.

These movies are coming soon and i cant wait!

I will be trying to update my blog with regular point of view articles from movies that i watch, I have been out of the blogging game for too long and need to try get back in to it.

What are your thoughts? don’t be afraid to let me know maybe I am completely wrong about something or maybe you have a different point of view.

I have more thoughts about movies, and maybe i will try put those down in post form too, we shall see.


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