Either you know what podcasts are and you already listen to some, or you have no idea what im talking about. Either way this is a relitivly new form of media that is blowing up.


What are podcasts?

these are shows, either audio or video that are created by independent people that range over a variaty of topics these range from information, technology, learning, comedy, spoofing even ranting. These shows are episodical and presented to you on a periodicle basis, such as weekly, monthly, daily.

I couldnt think of a better way to explain them so i asked  a ninja


So if you are new to podcasting here are a few shows to get you started that you might like. all links will take you to the shows website, you can find most of these on iTunes as well as YouTube with a  quick search

These are all by the same network called revision3

  • Tekzilla – Great tech show focusing on user tech questions, audio and visual and consumer electronics
  • Scam School – Social engineering at the bar and on the street, Brian Brushwood as the host (this guy rocks!)
  • Film State – short 10-15 minute episodes about movies, trailers DVD and theatrical releases
  • Variant – a bit more on the geeky side, this is a comic book show, everything to do with comics and any movies or merchandise based on those comics.
  • Destructoid – Show about gaming, new releases, reviews and previews


the following is by the how stuff works guys from discovery all these shows have different focuses but are great

  • Stuff you should know – these are short podcasts about everyday topics you may or may not know about
  • Stuff to blow your mind – Really great podcasts about weird and wonderful things
  • Stuff from the future – Video podcast about stuff that might happen in the future and how current technologies can evolve into the future


The Twit Network is also a good podcasting resource and is mostly technologically based shows, keep in mind these shows are heavily Americanized in their content at times, some notable shows are

  • TWiT – This Week in Tech, A weekly review of the previous weeks tech news from company IPOs to new hardware/software announcements or releases
  • TnT – Tech News Today, A daily tech news show covering all tech based breaking news around the world, based on user suggestion on reddit


Dont forget the great source of Entertainment on YOUTUBE! for example

  • SourceFed– 5 daily shows about 5-10 minutes about news of the day presented in an entertaining and sometimes funny way
  • The Philip DeFranco show – Daily news summery show, from the point of view of Philip DeFranco, “he loves your faces”
  • geekandsundry – Geek channel with 6 different shows revolving around boardgames, animated comics, book club, and random internet stuff
  • inside gaming – Game review/preview show great content sometimes really corny comments/skits
  • rev3games – Revision 3 YouTube Games channel, anything and everything about games

Again these shows are shows i know about and as you can see heavily based on my interests, but there just may be some nuggets of gold here for you, If there are other podcasts you know of and think i should know, don’t be scared to tell me!





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  1. Busy watching Scam School right now. It’s awesome!

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