Out and about

So, Finally out of hospital again.
I was recently admited into the sunninghill hospital for a second parathyroidectomy. The reason for this is that when i went the last time they only managed to find 3 of the 4 parathyroids that were in my neck. Thats right, They could not find the fourth one. The Idea of the first opperation was to remove 3 and a bit from the fourth. The doctor stated that he could not find the fourth and when we questioned him as to how often it happens that they can not find a parathyroid, he responded with Ive never seen it, probably only 2% of the time. From then I was sent for multiple Isotope scans. Isotope scans are scans that get done by injecting a depleted radioactive substance into you and scanning at regular intervals to look for accumulations of the isotopes and how they dissipate.
Even though i went for these Isotope scans twice they did not find the fourth parathyroid. So in the end i was admited into sunninghill last week wednesday to find the fourth parathyroid during surgery.
They did indeed find the fourth parathyroid. My calcium levels have decreased, to such a level that I have to heavily supplement calcium with a product called titrilac. My PTH hower has not budged leading the doctor to believe that i might have a fifth parathyriod. This meens that not only did I have a rare case where one of my parathyroids was “lost” it means i have a rare fifth parathyroid wich itself is also “lost”.

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