1 Week later.

It has been 7 days since i have had my throat slit open by the blood hungry doctors. Unfortunately I am in more pain now then i was last week after surgery . OK ma bey its because I was on morphine, but regardless I do feel I am in more pain now.

I had to go through and see the surgeon today because my neck has swollen something horrid. The reason for this is the following.

I was released from hospital on Saturday afternoon., I felt really great on Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning came and my Dad took me to dialysis seeing as I’m not able to turn my neck making it dangerous to drive. (Although you know what happens when you turn your head)..I was put on the machine for the standard four hours. At about Three and a half hours I was not feeling very good, I asked to be removed from the machine, but the nurses refused to do so, They took my temperature, Blood Pressure and saw that I had cold shivers, My temperature was 47.5 and blood pressure 160/90 which are both very high for dialysis patients, Standard practice here is to remove you from the machine and admit you, they did neither. Monday night having a fever started making me think that It could be because i had not properly evacuated my bowels. This cause me to try and force a bowel movement. Directly after this i noticed that my neck had swollen, Yesterday I felt Much better although my neck doubled in size, and is now quite stiff.

I went to dialysis once again this morning, Today they did not put the normal amount of heparin as they were worried my neck had swollen because of internal bleeding. My blood pressure and temperature was still Hi. My neurologist prescribed some anti-biotics and said if my neck gets bigger that i must go straight to the hospital tomorrow. ( Yes the 20th of august, My birthday). Directly from dialysis my Mother took me to sunning hill hospital where the surgeon came directly from theater to stick a needle in my throat and poke around to see if there was any fluid in the swollen part. This is however not the case. Dr Gary Fetter has said that my neck has bled and it was most probably from dialysis on Monday. although it is clotted now and will remain soar until it dissipates but is not a problem , this has also attributed to my increased temperature and blood pressure.

Anyways bed rest for the next few days is recommended and Allis well otherwise.

Great thanks to my little brother who painstakingly typed and spellchecked this post because I’m too lazy to get out of bed.



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