Got a call

So I got a call this morning, from the transplant clinic.

“Hi Stylianos, this is the transplant clinic, we have a kidney, are you ready?”
“what?! How! When?”

I almost wanted to ask if they were kidding. After this whole long road it’s completely unbelievable.

Are you confused? Don’t worry so am I, I don’t even think I have answers to all the questions but I shall try explain whatever I can below.

I have been struggling to get a transplant because of all the problems with pre-sensitization so I have been at the top of the A+ kidney only lost, this is because my chances of getting a cadaver kidney is almost nil with my antibodies. This is also why we started with all these treatments and things with my brother Pavlo. So essentially what is happening is that there is a kidney that is a match and also does not share the antibodies in my system.

What are my worries?

My parathyroid? It is quite large and I was about to get it cut out because of my high phosphate and calcium levels. Normally transplant can equalize these issues but my parathyroid is so large I might still need to cut it out even after transplant, this causes higher risk because of immuno-surpression.

My immune system? My worries are if I would need to have my immune system blasted as much as I would if we did the transplant in August. The answer to this is, No. The immune suppression will not be blasted as much as we were going to, this greatly reduces the risk profile, although I will be more suppressed then is normal for transplant because I am a high risk candidate. The doctors are taking measures for this not to be an issue.

Will this transplant exclude me from other transplants if it rejects? Most probably not dependent on what the cause of rejection is.

He do I feel?

I feel quite excited but just waiting until I know for definite what is happening.

I am booked for transplant today, the transplant is scheduled, and it is authorized. So as it stands right now we are a go.

However there are more tests needed, to test for infections, and confirm the antibodies are indeed not an issue. This means that there is still a possibility that this won’t happen but as it stands it is and it will. Just stating the fact so that everyone isn’t confused if it doesn’t happen.

See y’all on the other side!

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