Finally the SA Internet price war is on!

Following an announcment by mweb late last week to scrap bandwidth limits in South Africa, they have seemed thrown a snowball down a rather large snow filled mountain.

Think about the mountain as South Africa’s Internet.

Now imagine the snowflakes beeing the hundreds of South Africans using the Internet.

Now think of the peak as the best internet available at the highest price, the bottom being the slowest with the lowest price, as you go up the mountain there are less snowflakes.

What mwebs snowball has done is caused an avalanche, what the avalanche does is causes all the snowflakes at the top of the mountain to fall to the bottom. in essence by dropping the prices of their internet and giving so much of it no one wants to pay a premium to be at the top of the mountain. Mwebs actions have caused their competitors to either run away or join in and throw their own snowballs.

The question is how far is this price war going to go?
Mweb themselves have stated that even thought they have dropped prices to the extents they have that the prices are still too high, regardless there are multiple ISPs joining in the fray, some offering the same price some trying to undercut. what i will do here is list a few, another thing to think about is would it be better to jump on right now and take advantage of these prices or let the avalanche settle and wait out the next month maybe two and see what might surface.

Afrihost ,the cheapest on the market (or so it seems) also they only offer a 4mb/s line currently, the possibility of Afrihost instigating the war is possible with their R29 per gig prices and 2 for one specials.

Mweb ,the first ISP in South Africa To launch an affordable uncapped option but will they pull enough business away from other ISPs seeing as they all seem to be retaliating so soon?

Openweb , openweb seems to have the same pricing as mweb.

DigiChilli ,One of the first ISPs to offer a uncapped internet connection, with reduced speeds during office hours and faster speeds in the eveneing, not the greatest affordability though, question is, why have they not changed their pricing or limitations yet? do they think they can compete against the otehr ISPs with a slower product at a premium price?

Axxess ,Also one of the first ISP’s to offer uncapped, not as cheap as digichili but speeds were supposedly higher, they seem to be holding their ground with prices and limitations though just like digichili

Imagine , Also jumping on the bandwagon of “well give you the same as mweb but cheaper”

@lantic , @lantic are also one of the ISP’s that do not want to be left behind, offering their own uncapped packages.

These are currently all of the IS’s I have found trying to get in on the action I shall add more as I fond them.

Personally im looking at Afrihost.

All these packages are relitivley the same price and service the question is who is going to outdo the otehr, who will have better service? who will drop their prices first?

This remains to be seen…

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  1. There is only one problem with your analogy.

    We don’t get snow in South Africa 🙂

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